Fast. Easy. Affordable.

The award winning Mimosa B5-Lite is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable wireless bridge kit available on the market. This complete kit provides everything anyone needs to easily deliver up to 750 Mbps of bandwidth for short range link applications*.

*Approximately 0 to 5 km, distances and speeds may vary due to local regulatory restrictions

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Connectivity across
large properties

Short range fiber
digging alternative

Licensed Public
Safety operation
(4.9 GHz)

Building to Building

Rugged and Affordable

Outdoor rugged designs typically come at significant cost. The B5-Lite challenges this norm by handling extreme outdoor conditions with incredible affordability.

Just Mount and Go

A complete kit with super compact integrated antennas and wall mounts, makes it incredibly easy to get connected quickly. With an optional pole mounting kit, the B5-Lite easily can be mounted on street poles (horizontal or vertical), great for any public safety and security camera application.

Incredibly Fast. Incredibly Affordable.

Part of the award winning Mimosa backhaul product family, the B5-Lite is an incredibly flexible way to deliver high performance, low latency fixed wireless connectivity at an unprecedented cost. Simple, affordable, rock solid. This is Real Big Wireless at a really low price.

Monitor with Ease, and so much more

Immediately after install, your links are ready to be monitored via the free Mimosa Cloud service. With vast data collection and analysis, assessing link health and identifying potential problems has never been easier. For rich analytics and historical data collection, and problem notifications, the Mimosa Cloud+ service is available to monitor your entire network for only $99 USD per year.

Data Sheets

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