Keep calm...Mimosa's first B5 major feature update has arrived!

By Jaime Fink

Today we launched our first major feature release as a free update to our fantastic Mimosa B5 backhaul users.

Available now for download or direct upgrade in the Mimosa Cloud, version 1.1.0 introduces a huge number of great updates, performance optimizations, and fantastic new features we know you’ll appreciate, because most of these requests came directly from our deployed Wireless ISP and enterprise vertical application users!

Leading off, we’re introducing TDMA-FD operation for the highest interference environments. The new Frequency Diversity feature allows each radio to operate on a separate preferred RX channel that is optimal for local interference. After the RX window has completed, the radio then flips channels to TX on the preferred channel of the remote side radio. This mode can be enabled for 1 x 20/40/80 MHz modes, for IP throughputs up to 750 Mbps.

My favorite new feature, Dynamic Link Distance mode, enables a whole host of applications requiring moving or nomadic radios. This allows the radios to on-the-fly make precise adjustments as a radio moves location without any user intervention. We’ve already seen this feature deployed in maritime and ferry applications very successfully.

While these are the big news items, there’s a host of other great new features:

  • Interference mitigation improvements
  • Improved faster aiming mode
  • New spectrum and power “recommendations" from our Auto Everything algorithm
  • Capability to operate the B5 without the presence of GPS (which is particularly useful for link testing, setup and configuration indoors or in lab environments)

To see all the details and more new features and optimizations, check out our Version 1.1.0 Release Notes.

But wait, there’s more! To give you a transparent view of what’s coming in our next feature release, our Backhaul team is working hard on the following features that you can start to get ready for coming in April 2015:

  • SNMP implementation
  • Faster Spectrum Analysis, better noise detection, and UI improvements
  • Auto Everything: maximum channel width options
  • Auto Everything: collocation coordination between radios on the same subnet
  • Support for different VLAN IDs on each radio within a link
  • Local time zone settings in UI and Log

You keep deploying, and we’ll keep adding great new features. So any time you have any new ideas or requests, send them our way at

Hope you enjoy the new release!


Jaime Fink
CPO & Co-Founder