We're Listening!

By Lee Peterson

The Mimosa team was lucky enough to spend some quality time with many of our new (and future) customers at the WISPAmerica conference in St Louis at the end of February. One of my observations compared to other industries I have been involved with, is the sense of community among WISPs. There is a spirit of co-operation and helping each other that is refreshing. It is super important that Mimosa builds a quality product and ensures a good experience for every single customer, as this is an extremely tight community that talks to each other a lot. The other characteristic we see and appreciate, is a lot of straight talk and very honest feedback. The interactions we have with customers at these events dictate the priority for our roadmap. 

Our B5 and B5c backhaul products are now fully launched and shipping in volume worldwide. It is extremely gratifying to see all the hard work and late nights from the team culminate with getting our first product out the door. There is not much time to reflect on this milestone, with continued improvements to our backhaul products and the launch of our access and client products to look forward to in 2015. This starts with the announcement of our B5-Lite platform that will be the next product available in the Mimosa backhaul suite.

It has been interesting to see some of the different environments our products have been deployed. I’ve been lucky enough to visit, or converse via email with many of Mimosa’s early adopters. The initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It is what you hope for while building a product, but you never know until real customers start using it whether you have hit the mark. To focus on some of the common recurring themes of what is resonating our users:

  • Flexibility: We are able to operate across the full U-NII-1, 2 and 3 bands in a single unit (including the new 5600-5650 MHz). The ability to run in single or dual channel modes gives the user the power to dial in as little or as much bandwidth as needed (or as much as the spectrum will allow). 
  • Speed: The fastest speed test result achieved by a customer was > 1.5 Gbps aggregate, from an external TCP-based speed test. 
  • Spectral Efficiency: Customers that have deployed multiple links love that they can re-use the same frequency up to 4 times at a collocated site. This provides an upgrade path for replacing an older, less efficient radio at a noisy site and getting a huge benefit. 
  • Ease of Install: Our products are light, which makes them easy for a single installer to hoist up a tower and install. We went through multiple iterations of mounting hardware and other accessories to make them as simple as possible. Multiple comments have that it is clear to them the hardware was designed by people that actually install radios. Good results have been reported in swapping a B5c for other existing connectorized radios using dual polarity 5 GHz dishes, including the use of Type N to Reverse SMA cables if required.
  • Distance: The option of a connectorized version of the product for those that need longer links. The record still stands at 100km/60mi for one of Mimosa’s test links, but we’re hoping someone out there can beat that result soon. 

We’re growing fast and learning a lot from the time spent with our new customers as well as potential customers that have shown an interest in purchasing Mimosa products. Please keep the feedback coming and we can’t wait to show you some of the other things we have been working on as the year progresses.