Mimosa Backhaul: Even Better with greater than 1 ms Latency and Up to a 25 percent Speed Boost

By David Stiff

Mimosa is pleased to announce the availability of firmware version 1.3.0 for our B5 and B11 families of backhaul products. This release is all about speed, low latency and resiliency. We have designed a new Auto-TDMA technology to reduce latency to <1 ms and support the needs of downstream video streaming or symmetric business traffic. To dynamically adapt to today’s ever-increasing bandwidth demands, MAC efficiency improvements provide up to a 25% speed boost to maximize spectrum utilization. 


Once Again - You Spoke. We Listened.

Our support and product teams continue to listen to your valuable feedback and have been busy implementing new features that you’ve requested. Here are the highlights of this latest firmware release: 

  • User Interface:
    • Updated Self-Signed HTTPS Certificate to expire in six months to reduce nuisance browser warnings
    • Updated GPS distance reporting for short links
  • Enable LED “Off” mode for the B5, B5c and B11
  • Further improved platform stability
  • Radio Improvements:
    • Improved performance of Spectrum Analyzer to eliminate incorrect noise identification
    • Improved dual channel noise immunity by dynamically routing traffic to link with lowest PER

Brand New Features - We continue to innovate for you.

  • Support for the new B11 licensed backhaul product supporting 10-11 GHz and fiber connectivity
  • Improved MAC efficiency for up to 25% performance improvement
  • Low Latency Auto TDMA Mode to reduce latency to <1 ms and dynamically adapt to traffic bandwidth demands
  • Dual Link Interference Avoidance by dynamically routing traffic over the channel with lower PER to improve noise immunity
  • Auto Power Optimization to adjust Tx power up or down for link optimization when SNR allows
  • Extended Frequency Range to 6.2 GHz for the B5c and B5-Lite
  • Improved Aiming Mode accuracy by allowing configuration of both local and remote antenna gain for the B5c and B11
  • User Interface - Enabled Site Survey for AP Mode

More Firmware Version 1.3.0 Details

Thank you for your continued support of Mimosa products and solutions. We look forward to your continued feedback and future success.