Please contact Mimosa Support during the warranty period if you suspect that your product has failed. Upon verification of the failure, Mimosa will coordinate the replacement, either directly or through a distributor.

Replacement Unit Default Shipping Method

All returned products must be shipped freight prepaid and using a shipping provider of Mimosa’s choice. Mimosa shall replace product, either new or refurbished, via a standard delivery method:

  • Continental U.S.: Ground.
  • Other Destinations: Surface.

Expedited shipping is available with a user-provided shipping account number.

Returns Must Be Complete and Undamaged

All active components of the system such as the radio, PoE and power cord must be returned, and in a method that provides protection from physical damage.

Limitation on Number of Outstanding Returns

No subsequent RMA will be issued unless all prior returns have been received by Mimosa or a Mimosa-designated agent.

RMA Grace Period

Returned materials not received within 30 days after the user accepts the replacement (as indicated by shipment tracking data) will be locked and removed from the user’s cloud account.

Cloud Data Availability

Returned devices will be locked and removed from the user’s cloud account upon receipt by Mimosa or a distributor.

No Repairs

Mimosa does not offer repair service for any returned devices at this time.