Rural Wireless

Closing the Connectivity Gap with Hybrid-Fiber-Wireless Networks

Only 64% of rural U.S. households have residential broadband connections.¹

Traditional telephone companies like yours are evolving every day to meet your customers’ needs.  You are the one-stop technology service provider for your community, offering a wide-variety of services. From video to home protection and security; from data storage to computer repair—you are the partner that local businesses, schools, governments, hospitals, and other community entities rely on to deliver the high-quality, affordable services that improve their lives. 

The opportunity exists for you to rise to the challenge of solving the growing connectivity gap, pushing for wide adoption of broadband-based communications and deploying even higher capacity networks for your customers. Whether it’s legacy copper-only infrastructure not supporting the bandwidth needed, the high cost and complexity of fiber in the local loop, or the need to cost effectively meet CAF II requirements in underserving areas, wireline technology cannot deliver the bandwidth at a cost and deployment speed that meets your company’s current business environment.

Only 55% of people in rural areas have access to speeds that qualify as broadband.¹

Mimosa Networks and our industry-leading approach to hybrid-fiber-wireless networks are enabling service providers like you to connect hard-to-reach homes. Our wireless broadband solutions can help you extend your coverage and improve service to your customers at a fraction of the cost of existing fiber-to-the-premises solutions.

As industry pioneers, we know you will continue to evolve to meet the needs of your customers. Mimosa wants to be there by your side when you do. Contact us today to learn more about how our wireless broadband solutions can help.


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